Cotinga Tours: An Unparalleled Experience!  

Cotinga Tours specializes in Birding, Nature, and Eco-educational tours in Costa Rica. We are an owner-operated company that provides personalized service and the knowledge of Costa Rica’s natural ecology that only a local company can offer. We are passionate about birds, conservation and sharing Costa Rica’s rich wild life and habitats with others. We design our tours with your comfort and enjoyment as our highest priority. We find restful and relaxing travel allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor experience. Your accommodations, meals, and transportation  have been carefully selected to maximize your comfort and peace of mind, while enabling you to bask in Costa Rica’s rich natural beauty. There are several critical elements that make for an exceptional birding or nature tour:

Guides Make All The Difference!

Costa Rica’s Finest Guides— Paco Madrigal, our co-founder and master guide, has a passion and love for the natural world that is infectious. His expertise and enthusiasm has attracted a team of the finest birding and naturalist guides in Costa Rica.

Delicious Food and Superb Lodging!


We have carefully chosen our lodging to provide proximity to wildlife parks and reserves, as well as clean, comfortable rooms, great service and delicious food. Enjoy Costa Rica’s rich wildlife habitats right from your doorstep.

Costa Rica: A birder’s and nature lover’s paradise!


The Orange Collard Manakins dance in their lek with a firecracker of sounds; a Grey-tailed Mountain-gem pierces a flower. All across Costa Rica the sun has broken the horizon and columns of light penetrate the forest canopy. The forest is alive! Costa Rica is truly a birder’s and nature lover’s paradise. 


Due to Costa Rica’s small size, range of elevation and twelve distinct ecological zones we can offer tours that encompass a wide variety of habitats and astonishingly abundant wildlife diversity, while maintaining a comfortable pace. 


Costa Rica acts as a continuous corridor for migration between North and South America and is a meeting ground for seemingly unimaginable bio diversity. Costa Rica, no bigger than the state of West Virginia or Wales, is home to approximately 5 percent of the earth’s known species. More than 870 species of birds have been recorded on the Costa Rican mainland, including roughly 600 species of permanent residents. The country also boasts 350 species
of reptiles and amphibians (including six different species of sea turtles that nest on Costa Rican beaches), four species of monkeys, 8000 species of higher plants, and more species of butterflies than in all of Africa.

As you explore this rich environment, you will bask in the incredible beauty that abounds— languid lowland rain forests, misty cloud forests, arid tropical dry forests, and vast wetlands, surrounded by thundering volcanoes, sun-drenched beaches, serene pasture land, and pristine waterfalls. Costa Rica will not only impress you with all of its natural splendors, but will also charm you with its warm hearted people and peaceful socio-political environment.

Our Team: Founders

Our Team: Founders

Paco Mardrigal: Master guide and guide coordinator, has over 20 years experience guiding both bird watching and natural history tours throughout Costa Rica. Paco’s profound understanding of tropical ecology, coupled with his expert spotting abilities and infectious enthusiasm, has made him Costa Rica’s finest!


 “Paco, you continually amazed me with your expertise, uncanny ability to find the birds, impeccable planning and execution of the trip, and your warmth and wit. An unforgettable experience for me.” – Kathryn Chapman, Birding Highlights Tour

 Heather Frid Jimenez: Tour coordinator and manager of our Costa Rica Office is a true nature-lover. Her friendly personality, resourcefulness and dedication to every last detail ensure that your tour runs smoothly and worry-free from start to finish.


Marco Frid:  Director of Sales & Marketing manages our U.S. office. His long-standing passion for the natural world, love for Costa Rica, and jovial personality make him a great initial contact point for our customers.


“Heather, your enthusiasm, organizational skills and love of the environment played a tremendous role in making our visit such an enjoyable learning experience. Marco, your patience and willingness to work with George in the months beforehand made for a stress-free trip all around.” – Paula Lader, Birds of Paradise Tour 

Our Team: Staff Guides

Our Team: Staff Guides

Erick Castro: Guide, has over 12 years of experience as a birding and natural history field guide in Costa Rica and Panama. He is the pinnacle of professionalism with outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail, not to mention an excellent birder with an exceptional knowledge of CR’s flora & fauna.

“The leader, Erick was extremely professional, affable and an outstanding field ornithologist.” – Derek Moore, Tour leader, UK 


Yehudi Hernandez: Guide, has a strong background in field research which brings a first-hand, in-depth knowledge to his work as a naturalist/birding guide. His birding skills are outstanding and his exuberant and fun-loving spirit is an invaluable asset to our tours.


“Yehudi was an excellent guide. He is very knowledgeable about the birds as well as other areas of neotropical ecology, and many other aspects of Costa Rica. ” – Andy Woodall, Tour Leader, Bird Holidays, UK 

Our Team: Drivers

Carlos Rojas: is an invaluable member of our team. He is always willing to help in any way and is the expression of integrity in action. With Carlos there is never a shortage of smiles to go around and in addition he is an excellent spotter!

“Thanks also to Carlos in whose hands we all felt totally safe” – Ron Foster Heatherlea Birding, UK

Alberto Vargas: is not only a fantastic driver, but an extraordinary person. With over 20 years of experience, he always goes out of his way to do what he can to enhance each client’s experience.

“Your driver Alberto, is a credit to your business not only did he have a lovely sense of humor and very pleasing personality, but he was also a very good spotter.” – David & Ann Smith, Birding Highlights Tour